Many Journeys - [Vid] LotR: Walk On (Aragorn/Arwen)
Many Journeys: Elleth's Fanfic and Fanart
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Many Journeys
In her youth she [Nerdanel] loved to travel far from the dwellings of the Noldor, either beside the Sea or in the hills; and thus she and FĂ«anor had met and were companions in many journeys.
(J.R.R. Tolkien, Morgoth's Ring)

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Many Journeys: Elleth's Fanfic and Fanart [userpic]
[Vid] LotR: Walk On (Aragorn/Arwen)

So -- my first ever video, originally created for [ profile] themiddleearth's fan video challenge. It is a pretty abysmal job, I knew that before in some respects and know even better now after reading up on [ profile] vidding and watching some of the videos posted there.

All the same, I would be glad about helpful pointers on what to do better (and yes, I am aware of the DivX logo and the stray frames) but decided to leave this in all of its awful glory for future generations review.

Song: Walk On
Artist: U2
Fandom: Lord of the Rings
Characters: Arwen and Aragorn
Summary: And if your glass heart should crack... walk on. The journeys of Arwen and Aragorn.
Notes: Movieverse, pretty inevitably. Please feel free to concrit away!

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